Is it time for an oil change? Oil helps your car engine and its parts run smoothly and efficiently. It is important to change the oil regularly so that smooth operations can continue. Here are five signs that it is time for an oil change.


5 Signs It's Time For an Oil Change

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is on, it may be because it is time for an oil change. Some car models also have a light that turns on after a specific amount of mileage is driven to remind you to change your oil.


It is recommended to get an oil change after a certain amount of mileage is driven. Every car is different, so check your manufacturer’s manual for more information. In addition, if it’s been a really long time since you last had an oil change, it’s probably time for one anyway.

Oil Color

When engine oil is new, it is usually a brownish color. Over time, it changes color to black because of dirt and grit that gets mixed in with it. If you notice that your oil is blackish, it may be time to get it changed. Check your oil levels to make sure they are not too low, and take a look at the color while you are at it.

Oil Texture

Similarly, the oil’s texture will change over time. It will get thick, dirty, and gritty. This will prevent the engine parts from running smoothly.

Suspicious Noises

Are you starting to hear suspicious noises coming from your engine when you drive? Perhaps you hear a clicking or ticking sound when you start the car or grinding noises when you drive.  You may also feel suspicious vibrations or shaking when driving or stopping. This may be due to engine parts grinding against each other due to a lack of oil.

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