Summer is coming, and it is important to take the proper maintenance steps to ensure that your car continues to run smoothly, even during the summer heat. Here are 6 car service items you should have checked before the summer.

6 Car Service Items You Should Have Checked Before the Summer


Get your battery checked for the summer. High levels of heat can overwork your car battery, causing it to drain and lose power. Getting your car battery checked and having it replaced if necessary can help you avoid a dead battery on a hot summer day.

Tire Traction

Tire traction is important as well, especially when it rains. Proper tire traction will help keep you safe and get you where you need to go on time. Get your tire traction checked by a professional.

Tire Pressure

Similarly, you need to make sure that there is the right amount of air in your tires. This is essential for smooth and safe driving all year round. Changes in temperature can affect your tire pressure, so make sure that it is just the right amount, as recommended by your owner’s manual.

Wiper Blades

Make sure your wiper blades are working properly. They need to be strong enough to wipe away any rain, dirt, or debris that will fall on your front window and block your vision. Have them replaced if necessary.

Check Your Air Conditioner

Nobody wants to get stuck in a stuffy, hot car on a day when the sun is beating down on you. Get your air conditioner checked before the summer so that you and your family can enjoy both everyday rides and long Sunday trips in comfort.

Be Safety Conscious

Never leave a child unattended in a car. You may want to consider disabling the anti-child lock in case you do leave a young child in the car by mistake.

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