Texas might not face the same winter dangers as further north, but there are still a lot of changes to look out for as summer changes to autumn. Don’t wait for the first potential freeze or a big rainstorm to get your car ready for the upcoming weather. Here are three things to check this October:

How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Are all your fluids in good condition?

First, make sure all of your fluids are at the right levels. Everything from your antifreeze to your windshield washer fluid may need to be topped off or changed. Taking care of this ahead of time means you won’t be caught off guard. It also means you don’t have to worry about it during the busiest season of the year.

Make sure your heater works.

Turning on your car’s heater might be the last thing you want to do if the weather hasn’t cooled down yet. But checking it before you need the heater means you won’t have to deal with a cold car next month. Also, everyone with a problematic car heater will be going to the shop in just a few weeks. So beat the rush and solve any problems on your own schedule.

Check the condition of your window wiper blades.

Autumn and winter don’t always bring a lot of snow, but it does bring heavy rain. Make sure your windshield wipers work and are in good condition. Check the blade for tears, worn edges, and bare patches. Then have someone spray your windshield with a hose to make sure the windshield wipers can fend off a heavy blast of water so you stay safe driving.

If you add seasonal checks to your monthly maintenance list, you’ll have less to worry about once the weather turns. If you need more fluids, a heater repair, or new windshield wipers, stop by Fast Eddie’s Automotive Repair.


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